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Hethersett Pantomime began in 1970 in the old church hall in Henstead Road and there have subsequently been 48 pantos in an unbroken run.

The pantomime moved to the new village hall in Back Lane in 1996. Over the years productions have raised over £100,000 for various organisations and local charities.

The first 40 shows were written and produced by Duncan Pigg. In 2010 Lloyd Parfitt took over. The full list of productions is as follows.

1970 Sleeping Beauty
1971 Dick Whittington
1972 Jack and the Beanstalk
1973 Aladdin
1974 Beauty and the Beast
1975 Cinderella
1976 Red Riding Hood
1977 Sleeping Beauty
1978 Dick Whittington
1979 Babes in the Wood
1980 Jack and the Beanstalk
1981 Aladdin
1982 Mother Goose
1983 Sinbad the Sailor
1984 Cinderella
1985 Robin Hood
1986 Beauty and the Beast
1987 Sleeping Beauty
1988 Dick Whittington
1989 Snow White
1990 Aladdin
1991 Cinderella
1992 Jack and the Beanstalk
1993 Babes in the Wood
1994 Dick Whittington
1995 Sleeping Beauty
1996 Cinderella
1997 Aladdin
1998 Mother Goose
1999 Jack and the Beanstalk
2000 Dick Whittington
2001 Robin Hood
2002 Sinbad the Sailor
2003 Aladdin
2004 Sleeping Beauty
2005 Cinderella
2006 Dick Whittington
2007 Jack and the Beanstalk
2008 Mother Goose
2009 Aladdin and His Ruby Lamp
2010 Robin Hood & His Merry Men
2011 Snow White
2012 Dick Whittington
2013 Cinderella
2014 Beauty and the Beast
2015 Treasure Island
2016 Jack and the Beanstalk
2017 Sleeping Beauty
2018 Robinson Crusoe
2019 Cinderella '50th'
2020 The Three Musketeers 

The pantomime has an interesting beginning. On January 20th, 1966 almost 50 handicapped people from the Forehoe and Henstead District were guests at a party given by Mrs Hagg to celebrate her birthday.

Bingo and games were enjoyed and guests were entertained by "a most amusing pantomime" which subsequently sparked the idea of a regular village panto.

For much of its time the pantomime has been written and produced by Mrs Hagg's son Duncan Pigg who takes up the story.

"The panto was supported by my mother. She was aware of a committee in the Forehoe and Henstead District Council which helped the handicapped. January 17th was her birthday and she wanted to give them a party. We played party games and sung to them. They preferred to listen and watch rather than join in. We got a bit more ambitious and put on an ad lib panto where the cast did the words. One or two people said 'why don't you put on a performance for the public?"

And that's what they did in 1970.


In 2021 the pantomime was cancelled for the first time in it's history, due to the Covid pandemic, and unfortunately again in 2022.  Panto will continue, panto will always survive and we will be back !


Sourced from http://hethersett.org.uk/panto.htm

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